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3 actions that affect your credit record, avoid them

A credit record is a fundamental financial instrument used by banks; and there are actions that affect your credit record. Banks, with your credit record, evaluate your solvency and ability to pay when you apply for a loan. This applies to all the loans that you can conceptualize, such as mortgage loans, or loans with mortgage guarantees.

Next, we are going to tell you 3 actions that, believe it or not, negatively affect your credit history and can be quite harmful when you are on the occasion of getting a loan.


Action 1: Don’t pay your debts on time

Action 1: Don

It may seem a little obvious that we mention this; but it is extremely important to keep up to date with loan installments; not to mention that you must pay them fully and without fail.

Having credits with expired terms in addition to risking your assets will give a bad image to your credit record.


Action 2: overdraw your card

This means that, if your credit card has a certain credit limit, then it is good for you to check your balance when checking your history. Ideally, your balance should be well below the credit limit, otherwise your credit history will be affected. That is why it is very convenient that you avoid, at any time, overdrawing your card.


Action 3: Pay a credit with another credit

Action 3: Pay a credit with another credit

This is obvious, if you pay a debt with another debt you are only managing to owe more money than in the beginning, the only difference is that it will be to another person; But this will look bad on your credit history because you will notice that you are in debt for long periods of time and that does not look good at all.


Conclusion of these actions that affect your credit record

What you should know about all this is that, whatever happens, you should keep an eye on your credit history constantly and carefully, because if you do not do it you may run the risk that when your chance to obtain some type of loan arrives or a mortgage refinance, you will be in trouble.

Redemption loan for debt rescheduling or loan consolidation

Existing loan is replaced by a new loan

Existing loan is replaced by a new loan

In many cases, loans are concluded with a term of several years, and in the case of construction finance even with several decades. However, numerous changes can occur during this time. For example, it may no longer be possible for the borrower to raise the previously agreed high loan rates, and the interest rate level may have dropped in the meantime, so that it may make sense to reschedule the existing loan. More of this story:

As part of a debt restructuring, an existing loan is replaced by a new loan. This is interesting, for example, if the new financing is significantly cheaper than the existing one, but also if several small loans can be merged, which reduces the rate burden, rescheduling can be worthwhile.

Loan is closed immediately

Loan is closed immediately

A redemption loan must therefore be taken out for the debt rescheduling. This can, but does not have to be agreed with another institute. However, when taking out the loan, it should be noted that the existing loans can often not be repaid easily because borrowers must observe notice periods. If an existing installment loan is to be repaid, notice periods of six months must be observed. If the loan was concluded before the new consumer credit directive, which came into force in June 2010, the terms of the contract may still include the termination notice in the first six months. Newer loans and loans after the first six months can be canceled with a notice period of three months so that the new loan can then be used.

In the case of construction finance, however, the redemption loan cannot be used as quickly because the notice periods are significantly longer. In the first ten years, termination is generally not possible or only possible by paying a prepayment penalty. After the first ten years, the termination is then possible with a period of six months. In order to still be able to take out the cheap redemption loan at the currently low interest rate level, the banks offer the forward loan. This loan is closed immediately, but the payment can be postponed up to five years into the future. During this forward time there are of course no interest costs and payment obligations, so that they only serve to hedge the interest on the redemption loan.

Loan or credit – what will be a better solution?


For many people, the concept of loan and credit is used interchangeably. In practice, however, the two terms are different and it’s good to know the pros and cons of these financial products. In this article you will learn what solution will be a better choice in the current situation and the purpose for which the commitment is to be allocated. Let’s start by presenting the differences and describing individual forms of receiving funds.

Non-bank loan – advantages and disadvantages.

Non-bank loan - advantages and disadvantages.

Loans can be granted by any person or institution, provided that the lender owns the money. The operation of granting a given amount is regulated by the Civil Code in the case of an amount exceeding USD 500. Financial support for smaller amounts need not be recorded as a written contract.

Non-bank loans may be granted to a person who is in debt and has a negative history in the registers. In addition, lenders can be private investors who provide financial support on very favorable terms – at a low interest rate. A disadvantage for the lender may be that they provide financial support on their own responsibility and from their own capital. On the other hand, the borrower has the option of receiving funds, even in situations where banks issue a negative decision.

Loan features:

  • verification and other registers is not required

  • the purpose for which the loan is to be granted does not have to be determined
  • the loan can be granted at any interest rate
  • the capital transferred to the borrower becomes his property
  • the repayment date does not have to be specified in the contract

Bank loan – pros and cons.

Bank loan - pros and cons.

Loans are granted by banking institutions and SOKI. It is an obligation to make available a given amount of money for a given purpose and to set a deadline by which the borrower must repay the loan. In this form, the person taking out the financial support must allocate it to the purpose which was specified in the written contract. The disadvantage of the loan is the fact that a positive assessment of creditworthiness does not mean that the borrower will receive the amount of money I need. In such a situation, banks may propose a smaller amount. Obligations in this form involve arranging a pile of formalities.

Credit features:

  • creditworthiness verification is required, which has many factors

  • signing up requires a purpose to be allocated

  • capital is put into temporary disposal and is not the property of the borrower

  • a written contract with repayment deadline is required

Credit or loan – what will be better?

Credit or loan - what will be better?

The answer to this question is individual and depends on many factors. For people who need a large amount (eg for building a house), the loan will probably be more favorable due to the fact that firstly – it will be difficult to find a private person with such capital and secondly – the interest rate over a very long period (eg 30 years) may be lower. Of course, it is worth getting acquainted with the offers of various institutions to make an analysis or use the services of a financial advisor.

On the other hand, loans have many advantages in the case of slightly smaller amounts (eg up to USD 100,000). If you find a trusted investor who prefers to spend your money on an investment, which is a loan, the final price of the liability can come out much better. Many people keep their savings on bank deposits at a very low interest rate (say, for example, 3%) – such a person prefers to invest their savings in a loan for a person who is willing to pay twice as much. The interest rate (eg 6%) is beneficial for both the lender and the borrower, because it is practically impossible to get a loan with such a low interest rate.

The real estate credit runaways: it already represents 40% of each new loan

The Spanish economy returns to its classics. New real estate credit made available to households, that is, one that does not incorporate the renegotiations of previous loans, is already growing at a rate of 17.4% per year. In total, 36,506 million dollars in 2017.

It is not a specific phenomenon. So far this year, the growth rate has softened, but even so, it increased at a rate of 11.1% in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period of the previous year. This explains that real estate credit already represents 37.4% of the set of loans requested by households in 2017, and amounted to 97.482 million.

Those 36,505 million that were destined to buy real estate are above the 29,121 million that went to purchase consumer goods or the 13,290 million that were financed through credit cards, whose growth is very significant. Paradoxically, the most expensive financing – financial institutions apply significantly higher interest rates for acquiring goods via credit cards – grows at a rate of 20.3%. Therefore, five times more than what nominal GDP increases (with inflation).


Recovery of real estate credit in the heat of low interest rates

real estate credit in the heat of low interest rates

The data of the Astro Bank leave no doubt about the recovery of real estate credit in the heat of low interest rates, which explains why the number of renegotiations is still very active, although mitigated compared to two years ago, when many households changed the conditions of their credits to take advantage of the ultra-expansive monetary policy of the Lenders Bank .

Specifically, Spanish households have renegotiated loans amounting to 17,994 million dollars between 2015 and 2017, which has allowed them to benefit from the extraordinary monetary conditions. The one-year Euribor, in fact, remains at -01890%, which has encouraged an increasing number of households to opt for fixed rate loans instead of variable rate loans.

The average interest rate for new home purchase operations stood at 2.21% in February, representing a slight increase of 16 hundredths compared to the previous month. In any case, real interest rates (relative to inflation) tremendously favorable to boost the sale of real estate.


Brick Bubble

credit loan

The credit map that reflects the statistics of the Astro Bank shows two very different realities. On the one hand, and as has been said, the new real estate credit has exploded, but, on the other hand, the one granted before 2008, which is when the brick bubble was punctured, continues to drop in a very relevant way. In other words, families continue to amortize credit and, therefore, reduce their indebtedness, but at the same time, new operations are growing strongly.

A couple of data clearly reflect this. In 2011, the outstanding balance of credit earmarked for real estate activities reached 298.833 million dollars , but in the fourth quarter of 2017 that amount had dropped to 109.998 million. Therefore, to practically a third. The loan dedicated to construction, likewise, has gone from 98.544 million to 34.626 million, which gives an idea of ​​the process of debt reduction for economic agents.

The importance of real estate over the Spanish economy is decisive. And in fact, the double – dip recession was closely linked to s housing demand, which fell at less than 60% between 2007 and 2013. In particular, the drag effect it has on other components of private consumption.


Mortgage prices demonstrate the fracture of the recovery in Spain

Mortgage loan

James Morado residents have to ask for mortgages of more than $ 185,000 to buy a home, almost three times more than in Extremadura. It generates regional imbalances in employment, GDP, investment …

A recent study by BBVA Research estimates that household spending on durable goods increases by around 35% when the home purchases a home. The effect, argue their economists, is concentrated on furniture and the white line, while the repercussions on the demand for other products are of lesser magnitude, as in the case of the brown line, or not significant, as in the case of automobiles.

The data on real estate credit is logically consistent with that provided by the National Statistics Institute (INE) on constitution of mortgages, which reflect in February (last month with closed data) an increase of 13.8% compared to a year earlier. In total, 27,945 mortgages with an average amount of 119,708 dollars .

The pull of the brick, in fact, is already clearly reflected in the Active Population Survey (EPA) for the first quarter of this year. While employment in the productive sectors as a whole increase at an annual rate of 2.4%, in the case of construction the increase is 6.5%, that is, two and a half times higher, which gives an idea of ​​the dependence of the current growth pattern on the brick.

Get a small-credit on the spot.

The advantages of a small-credit on the spot

The advantages of a small-credit on the spot

Rapid financing has several reasons, but small-credits without questions are a particular case. These are small amounts that you have to satisfy in a quick period of time. What usually happens is that the opportunity cost of not paying is much higher than the interest. A fine can invalidate your access to public financing. On the other hand, if you do not pay the installment of a loan in a timely manner, you can enter the dreaded Financial Credit Institutions.

Therefore, this form of financing responds to a tangible and short-term need. Contrary to what you may think, the interests of a small-credit on the spot are perfectly assumable. Obviously, any credit company seeks to minimize risks, but it is easy to get money now without questions. The only thing you need is to be able to pay the loan, and as a first fact we must remember that Spain has very low delinquency rates. This means that financing is largely a matter of will. Anyone who is self-employed is aware of the risks that they have to face every day if they have a business. Shouldn’t it be the same for instant loan companies ?

A financial economy like Spain needs liquidity to function. Therefore, they do not tell you that financing is difficult. There are hundreds of companies that offer loans with Financial Credit Institutions. The last financial crises favored the opening of the credit market. Today you don’t have to wait weeks for financing. Undoubtedly, the principle that competition favors the consumer has been fulfilled.

How to get a small-credit on the spot?

How to get a small-credit on the spot?

Once you have decided to apply for a small-credit on the spot, it is important to know the system. Good lender is a specialized comparator that allows you, in a few minutes, to access the offers that fit your needs. You can get up to 1000 USD to return in 90 days without payroll or guarantee. You just have to select the offer you prefer and send your request. The answer will take 15 minutes to be notified and, if yes, in 24 hours you will have the money in your bank account. Getting money has never been easier.

The great advantage of this model is the versatility and, in addition, that the accounts are clear. As the comparator shows all the offers, you will know from the first moment the amount to be returned and the terms. In addition, the company works according to the legislation so that you do not have problems. If you have to pay a banquet, an appliance or an administrative penalty, this is the best option. Chase Credit guarantees you instant money without having to answer to anyone. Contact us and we will inform you in more detail of everything that is within your reach.

How to ask for and get a credit without payroll.

Asking for and getting a loan without payroll is possible because, fortunately, the paradigm on these issues has changed. In this article, we will explain how you can request it to receive it in 24 hours.

A credit without payroll is possible

A credit without payroll is possible

A common place of the financial sector is that, to request a quick credit, you need a payroll. If not, it is understood that there are no guarantees of collection. As life has already shown us, this is false and having a permanent job is not a guarantee of being able to pay. First of all, because tomorrow you can be fired. Secondly, because, depending on the amount of the payroll, the operation cannot be approved. A self-employed person may have less stable, but higher incomes. It may also be that you do not work now but that you have equity and properties to guarantee the operation. Therefore, granting a credit without payroll does not have to be a pipe dream. Especially when it comes to mini credits.

A credit without payroll has a very simple application mechanics. You can start by calculating your fee through our comparator. Later, we will show you different offers for you to choose the one that suits you best. Subsequently, you will have to fill in your information, send your form and in a few hours you will have the answer. In practice, you only have to have your ID for the application. Today, it is possible to have the operation closed in a maximum of 24 hours with the money available. You will not have to endure endless waits until you receive the answer. In this way, it will be possible to pay for the unforeseen event or those vacations that you feel like. In addition, the conditions are advantageous because you can return it in 41 monthly installments. Therefore, today it is possible to have liquidity without endless waiting.

Can you give me a credit without payroll?

Can you give me a credit without payroll?

It is based on the fact that, in order to get a quick credit without payroll, you have to be able to pay it. This is the fundamental element and if you have demonstrable income, you will be able to access this possibility. Many entities have shielded themselves from risks, assumptions and imaginary, with two objectives. First of all, not granting credits in certain operations because it was not the time for them. Secondly, to charge with higher interest the operations they approve. Fortunately, increasing competition in the financial sector has also reached the loan sector. Yes you can get credit without payroll.

At Lite lender we offer you different online loans on the spot without payroll so you can choose the best offer. You can get up to 1,000 USD in 24 hours. If you need to buy a fridge, a computer, pay for a banquet, a car or a vacation, this is your best option. The grant process is very easy, as well as how to return it. Accessing small-scale financing has never been easier. We carry out legal intermediation services and offer you the best market shares. We work with the main financial companies in the country so that you have a wide range of possibilities. We encourage you to contact us to expand the information.

How to meet obligations with a loan without paperwork.

The loan without paperwork

The loan without paperwork

Within the category of fast loans, highlights the loan without paperwork. This basically consists of fast financing that simplifies processing. It is typical when you have to face an urgent expense or carry out procedures in which you do not waste time. Unfortunately, in the past, much time was lost in these procedures at financial institutions. In addition, one of the problems that existed was that of excessive paperwork or guarantees that had to be offered.

Today, you start from a base: if you can pay, you have to facilitate financing. There are tools powerful enough to dig into the customer’s credit history. Thanks to this, you will not have to spend time that could be used for other purposes. Spain is a country with a very low default rate and, therefore, financing is easier to grant. On the other hand, it is not necessary to remember that excessive guarantees can be a block for viable operations. Many credit companies know this and, in their own interest, want to make things easier for the customer.

However, only the period of prolonged economic crisis that began in 2008 changed the paradigm. Paperless loans became necessary for many people to face sudden obligations. When traditional financial institutions failed, new operators appeared. Competition increased and, with it, the options available to the user. Today there is practically one type of loan for each customer profile.

How do I request a loan without paperwork?

How do I request a loan without paperwork?

First of all, keep in mind that the important thing to get money is that you can respond. If you have any property, temporary income or the ability to generate money, there will be no problem. To make the best use of time, we recommend that you use a comparator system such as the Lite lender. The paperless loan is possible and we can help you get it in a few minutes.

First of all, you will have to use the simulator to choose the amount and the return period. You can get up to 1,000 USD to return in 90 days. When you have selected your offer, you will have to cover the request and attach the DNI. In a few minutes you will have a response and, if it is positive, the money will be credited within 24 hours. If you had to face an emergency, you can cover it without any problem. This can apply to small debts, fines, or college tuition.

At Lite lender you have the advantage of knowing the conditions beforehand. We are intermediaries and our objective is that you have all the information to make a conscious decision. You won’t have to worry about the dreaded small print. In this way, you will know from the first moment the operation of the loan and the repayment. We therefore encourage you to get to know us better. We are sure that you will be interested in the offers that we include.

Quick Loans without credit check possible!


Quick loans for those in debt without checking databases are currently a very popular form of receiving cash. Offers of financial support in this form are addressed to virtually all private individuals and companies that do not want or cannot receive a loan from banking institutions. Investors granting loans without base verification, take into account only the possibility of real repayment of a given loan and within a specified period, and the credit history and entries in the registers are not an obstacle to its receipt.

Private investors are not subject to the same rules and law as in the case of banks, because they are persons with their own capital who, at their own risk, can invest their savings on a loan for the person concerned.

Non-bank loans for indebted persons without verification of credit databases.

Non-bank loans for indebted persons without verification of credit databases.

Unfortunately, many people are ignored by banks for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons result from delays in repayment of installments, by debt collection, debt collection or other reasons. A great alternative to such people is choosing an online non-bank loan. In addition to the most important fact, which is the possibility of borrowing such a loan by indebted persons who have entries in the registers is the adaptation of a flexible loan.

Independent Investors are willing to agree with the Borrower regarding the criteria to be met by the loan, so the person concerned has full control over the number of installments, the amount and the interest rate. It is also worth adding that this type of cash lending is quick in the verification process and formalities are limited to the required minimum.

Entries in the registers – they are not an obstacle to receiving a non-bank loan.

Non-bank loans for indebted persons without verification of credit databases.

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing loans granted online than using traditional bank services. The reason for this choice is that banks, despite good credit standing, can give a negative decision and thus refuse to grant a loan. Such events lead to frustration and embarrassment of the person trying to get a loan. In addition, nobody is willing to waste a lot of time signing a heap of documents and reading contracts, which are often written in an incomprehensible way. Granting websites loans without credit check or loans are the perfect solution to this problem.

Our service is a good example of a reliable company that takes care of all aspects of granting matching loans on favorable terms. Athos is a platform designed in a transparent and legible way to make the use pleasant and hence – you will save time and you will get a loan faster.